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Create efficiency and get insight in your meeting & event spend with smart data

Benefits for


We enjoy assisting Procurement departments and Travel & Event Managers with managing their meetings and events. What would you do when you find out that an innovative solution has arrived in the market that finally makes an end to complex and expensive sourcing systems? A solution that easily manages a meeting policy and one that gives you insight in all meetings & event spend via relevant data? At the same time you save up to 25% on your meeting & group booking costs and reduce the number of suppliers in your system. The online booking platform that all bookers within your company intuitively understand and enjoy to use?

Meetingselect offers an extensive database varying from unique and creative meeting venues up to international hotel chains and conference centers. More than 500.000 meeting & event spaces worldwide. From the smallest meetings up to largest international conferences overseas. Your internal customers become happy bookers as well. They can remain in direct contact with their favourite hotels and meeting venues while at the same time they save a lot of time and easily compare proposals.

By means of our unique and awarded meeting sourcing platform, managing meetings & events has never been easier. This is our expertise and nowadays we serve many Fortune500 companies up to small independent companies with booking meetings and events worldwide. We are here for everyone and we have the pleasure to share one simple solution with you that creates efficiency in booking hotels and meeting venues. Meetingselect is your transparent digital marketplace for meetings & events.


Meetingselect will help you

  • Save on direct meeting costs

    Easily benchmark quotes and with one click compare the various proposals

  • Access to relevant meeting & events data

    Finally you can manage and control data. With access to relevant data, you can steer and increase cost savings.

  • Reduce risks on cancellation conditions

    Minimize risks in cancellation conditions. Get notified when it is the last date to cancel without charges.

  • Steer volume to preferred hotels and meeting venues

    Easily manage your preferred partners in our online booking tool. Steer volume and get better deals.

  • Insight in meeting & workspace spend

    Compose or refine your meeting & events policy. Negotiate better deals or conditions with preferred partners.

  • Reduce suppliers invoices in your system

    Ready to reduce those individual supplier invoices? Make use of our centralised e-invoicing modules.

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