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Search unique and inspiring venues and receive proposals within hours

Benefits for

meeting & event bookers

The success of booking meetings and events online is thanks to the valuable tips we have been receiving from experienced secretaries, PA's, eventprofs and purchasers. Over the last eleven years we have continuously developed our site. We know in depth what you a meeting planner and event pro need when searching for meeting & event venues.

Some examples.

When booking meeting and event venues, you like to remain in direct contact with the venues.
However you do not want to spend too much time searching for available hotels and meeting venues for your events.
You dislike the amount of time you unconsciously spend while searching for the unique event space.
You are also amazed that sometimes suppliers ask you to email your request as well while you are actually speaking with them on the phone.
You prefer to easily compare all the various proposals from the selected venues and stop using excel to calculate the exact amount to compare the offers.
You also prefer to get proposals within a few hours.
You sometimes need to go on site inspections to make sure everything is exactly as the venue says it is.
Negotiating is often not one's favourite task.
And on top, you are not always sure if you have any negotiating space on those written payment and cancellation conditions.

How would you feel when we guarantee you that you can keep the Likes and can get rid of the Dislikes?

Our awarded online booking tool for meetings and group reservations takes all your needs into account. Easy select your favourite meeting venue with GooglePlaces built in our site. Just type for instance a city, landmark, office name, street or hotel name. Our database gives you access to you access to more than 500,000 hotels and meeting spaces all over the world. From traditional hotels and conference spaces to unique venues such as farmhouses, country houses and castles, golf clubs, villas, museums and ships. Then easy manage all your meeting requests and proposals. Meetingselect has a proven track record and all our meeting planners love it. In case you like to gain some inspiration or professional advice with booking meetings & events? Just chat or contact us. No robots or difficult support questions needed, but instant personal contact. We love the hospitality industry.


Meetingselect will help you

  • Select any type of meeting venues and hotels

    Easy find your favourite venues varying from unique, inspiring and creative meeting venues up to international hotel chains and conference centers

  • Get the best rates & negotiated conditions

    Save time. Easy request proposals from multiple hotels & meeting venues. All hotels and meeting venues in the world at your fingertips in one marketplace.

  • Easily compare proposals and benchmark the rates

    All proposals arrive in the same format. Never before has it been easier to compare all individual proposals. No more seperate excel calculations needed.

  • You remain in direct contact with the hotels and meeting venues

    We know that you like to remain in direct contact with the hotels and event venues. So do the hotels. This all remains, your contact details are shared when you send your request to the venues.

  • Online meeting & events booking tool

    You are used to book hotels online. Now you can start with booking your meetings & group requests online as well. We created this site with tips from secretaries up to event managers. A tool created by you, managed by us. Let's make life easier.

  • Meeting experts for inspiration and assistance

    Do you need inspiration for conferences? Can you use some advice about what would be the best meeting venues for your event? Chat or contact our experienced meeting experts. We love to talk to you.

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