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About us

The heart of Meetingselect

The heart of Meetingselect

 Meetingselect is specialized in meeting management and offers the largest meeting distribution system and online venue sourcing & meeting booking tool with more than 500.000 meeting spaces worldwide. Venues range from traditional hotels and conference spaces to unique venues such as farmhouses, country houses and castles, golf clubs, villas, museums and ships.

The unique self-booking tool is linked to a meeting management information system that helps companies easily understand their meeting costs and makes it easier to comply with internal travel & meeting policies.

The web-based technology of Meetingselect automates cost and time consuming elements of meeting management. From planning meetings to venue sourcing, from analyzing reports to measuring savings. With the use of the self-booking tool for meetings and group reservations, meeting planners and purchasers can source their preferred and non-preferred hotels and meeting venues worldwide. Next to the online service, Meetingselect offers a personal reservation service for external meetings and group reservations.

"The strength of our company is access to the newest technology combined with customer-focused service, such as access to experienced meeting planners to book hotels for groups and meeting venues worldwide", said Judith Huisman, co-founder of Meetingselect.

Meetingselect has been founded in 2007 by female founders Anouk Roohé and Judith Huisman together with Venture Capital. Both founders have an experienced background in the hospitality industry working in various positions globally for international hotel chains and meeting venues.

From start-up we are running a transparent business strategy which is clear to our customers and fair-play to the hotel and meeting industry. This is part of our success and quick growth", said Anouk Roohé co-founder of Meetingselect.

Meetingselect also offers solutions to Business Travel Agencies and Tourism & Convention Bureaus by making use of the white label/xml solutions to book all their clients meetings and group reservations instantly at all their (non-) preferred venues, get insight from data and commission claim service.

Meetingselect has received many awards over the years, thanks to its dedicated team and loyal customers.


Meetingselect makes searching meeting & event venues, booking and managing meetings efficient and transparent. We take care of companies' Meeting & Hotel policies and provide insight into Meeting & Hotel costs. We achieve this through our software and experienced meeting and hotel experts. Our aim is to be the best strategic partner for our customers and to contribute to their Meeting & Hotel Management objectives with the use of our innovative and user-friendly booking tool.

Facts & figures

Statistics of value


and nominations

Awards over the years

Over the years Meetingselect has received wonderful nominations and awards. The most recent nomination is the inclusion of the 2018 NLGroeit250, a list with the 250 fastest growing companies of The Netherlands.

In 2017 the female co-founders have been elected for the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women and have been appointed as Deloitte's Technology Fast50 Most Sustainable Grower 2017, fairly unique to be part of this prestigious tech list for more than five years in a row. Meetingselect is also an FD Gazelle for more than 5 consecutive years and that means that the company belongs to the list with the healthiest ánd fast-growing companies in the Netherlands.

The female founders of Meetingselect, Anouk Roohé and Judith Huisman are also listed as the No. 1 female entrepreneurs in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 list. Meetingselect also managed to remain listed for four years in a row in the top 100 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA list.

"The strength of our company is that we combine technology with customer-focused service. Anyone can book directly online or make use of our personal support to book conference hotels or meeting & event venues worldwide," said Judith Huisman, co-founder of Meetingselect. "These awards and nominations are the recognition for our awesome and driven team. We are grateful for the ongoing confidence of our customers and suppliers."


Other recent awards are TheNextWomen100 (2017 - 2013), the Sprout100 most successful women entrepreneurs. Past awards for Best Online Venue Finder of The Mice Report and the LOEY (Leading Online Entrepreneur) Award.

Both the Chamber of Commerce as well as the Management Support have named Meetingselect being the most innovative company and innovative product for secretaries and office managers.

"For years we have run a clear and transparent policy towards customers and hoteliers and that has also contributed to our success," said Anouk Roohé co-founder of Meetingselect. "Fair business models and transparency are part of our DNA since we founded our company more than 17 years ago".


We believe…

Our goal sustainable growth

Sustainable growth
Important for us is a lasting relationship and closeness to everyone in society. This applies not only to our own staff but also for the users of our services and the whole society. Sustainability is central to the actions of Meetingselect and can be found in the DNA of the founders of the company.
The underlying motive is our desire for a healthy earth with proper stewardship and a healthy social environment. At the same time we want to ensure the safety and health of our staff, our passengers and our meeting participants. Since 2015 we have been officially recognized and certified by Ecovadis, with a silver rating for our initiatives for corporate social responsibility. Since 2018 we are awarded with a Gold status. 

The vision of Meetingselect ensures that care for the environment and profitability in accordance with ethical and sustainable standards go well together. Meetingselect remains an independent and trusted company with a complete and transparent cooperation with conference venues and hotels.
With clear and fair contract agreements we distinguish ourselves in the market with a personal approach in our relationship with our customers, suppliers, partners and staff. In 2008 Meetingselect was already the first one that opened up the meeting market. We give our customers insight into our agreements.
In recent years, we have launched several measurable initiatives in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. As a healthy company, we continuously develop initiatives together with customers and partners that contribute to a better world.

Balance 4 P's
The right balance between the four P's is important for Meetingselect. In all our activities we are aware of people, planet, profit and pleasure. Why a fourth P of Pleasure? Only by sincerely having fun and pleasure, the right energy is being released to cross the bridge and collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners to develop new initiatives that contribute to a better world. Spirituality in business means working from connection, contact and trust. The basis of a joint sustainable success.


We're an eclectic mix of people united by a great feeling of hospitality. We believe that online venue sourcing is fun and we like to create efficiency in managing meetings & events

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